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” All along some 15 days, we were 20 trainees : massage therapists, but also yoga instructors and others, all of us curious about well being and generally about wisdom. Ultimately it is about wellness”.                                                                          Thierry (June 2015)

” If is is unreasonable to present ayurvedic massage as a healing tool, it is quite fair to say that it contributes to the dynamics of healing. Massage, relax, releive the joints, some of the means offered by the practice of ayurvedic massage : to take out the tensions and to allow the person to recover his inner energy of healing. I experienced it.”                          Evelyne (June 2015)

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‘’ Every evening they are the pleasures of wanderings and discoveries in a charming and picturesque city, or the occasion of a quiet moment in a temple or at the Samadhi, where Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are burried. The celebration of Yoga Day was the occasion for a number of trainees to rehearse with children at the Vellai Thamarai School and to have a demonstration at the foot of Nehru’s monument, in front of the Bay of  Bengale”.
 Anne Marie (June 2015)

‘’Ajit Sarkar teaches his own method forged by number of years of experience as a teacher and a researcher. He starts by pointing out that to massage is first of all to pay attention to the other person and be present. One needs to take care of one’s self, to be receptive; each day starts with a yoga session. After the theory and understanding of ayurvedic principles, the practical session starts : each explained gesture will be repeated. The workshop turns out to be quite intense, and now we must practice’’.
Jean-François (June 2015)

” I have wonderful memories of my stay in India. It is with great joy that I am planning to return. Again thank you for your welcome, your kindness and the sharing of your knowledge and wisdom”.                                                                          Pascale (December 2014)

‘’I had never done any yoga workshop and I found the week very interesting, combining a practical part with a more theoretical one, specifically explaining the effects of asanas. Despite the presence of experienced trainees or yoga teachers in the group, each one follows his own rhythm. Besides, the workshop is very well organized and the setting is superb (the place of the workshop, the school, Puducherry)!’’
Béatrice (2014)

‘’The workshop went wonderfully well. What a pleasure to meet people from different backgrounds in the company of Ajit, Selvi and Namita. My husband who wished to do a workshop for a week only, was so delighted that he continued the second week as well’’.
Isabelle (2014)

‘’I wish to express my total satisfaction after my Ayurvedic massage training in Puducherry with Ajit and Selvi Sarkar. It is a great privilege to attend this exceptional training in French in the country of origin of Ayurveda, with such generous and available individuals, willing to transmit this ancestral knowledge. During these 15 days, I experienced unforgettable moments with them and at the school they have established’
Catherine (2014)

‘’ An authentic teaching, with precise explanations enabled me to go securely as far as I could without having to follow the more advanced trainees. A prefect week, with a warm and relaxed atmosphere”.
 Anne Marie (2013)