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For the Ayurvedic massage workshops of June  2021, you can register, in order to book your place, without paying any deposit, which in turn will be required in May, once the workshops will be confirmed. The number of participants is limited to 20 for cycle 1 sessions and to 16 for cycle 2 sessions.

Ayurvedic Massage Workshops and Training

Workshops Open to individuals and to professionals in training

Workshops and Training courses take place in Pondicherry, India, and are taught in French by Ajit and Selvi Sarkar. All profits are allocated to the Vellai Thamarai School.


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In India, massage is part of a healthy life style, starting at birth and continuing throughout life. It helps to maintain a good health, a harmonious balance of elements which constitute all aspects of one’s personality: physical, vital, mental, psychic and spiritual. It eliminates muscular and nervous tensions, improves blood circulation and skin quality, raises vital energy and provides relaxation and well-being.

For cycle 1 sessions in   2021 download :
agenda cycle 1 2021    and      Registration form cycle 1 2021

The cycle 2 ayurvedic massage training is targeted at those trainees who have completed Cycle 1. To view the dates for cycle 2 sessions in 2021, download :
agenda cycle 2 2021  and      Registration form cycle 2 2021

For cycle 1 sessions in   2022  download :
agenda cycle 1 2022    and      Registration form cycle 1 2022

For cycle 2 sessions in   2022  download :
agenda cycle 2 2022   and      Registration form cycle 2 2022

Workshops and Training contact at Vellai Thamarai France: Marie Odile Tesnière