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Facts and Figures

The years 2022 and 2023 were affected by the exist from the Covid crisis. After months of closed classes, while students and teachers kept an essential educational contact, the opening of classes on June 2022 was an immense joy.

In March 2021 Ajit Sarkar one of the founders of Vellai Tamarai left his body.

These 2 events affected the development of the two associations Vellai Tamarai India and Vellai Tamarai France, without modifying the essential financial facts.

EXPENDITURES: Vellai Thamarai India

Annual school operating expenses having diminished during the Covid period, have regained more and less the level of 2019-2022. The teachers, the assistants and the managerial staff have kept their full salary and were able to benefit from a rise in June 2023 : this wage bill represents 74% of the current budget, about 82 000 €. Other educational expenses (books, school materials), or social expenses (snacks, health expenses) administrative and maintenance expenses are well under control. Parents have been invited to pay a modest contribution to school costs and students come with their lunch boxes.

The investments, about 22 000 €, have stagnated, except the digging of a well, and the construction of an external performance stage for the celebration of the annual show.

The principal project, postponed by the slow recovery of the general activity, is to arrange the first flour of the kitchen building and to provide it with 3 science laboratories, a computer room and 2 new classrooms. The project started in October 2023 and will be completed for the annual celebration of the School in February 2024.

Three other projects have been realised : the upgrading to standards of the Fire Safety, the installation of Security Cameras ( a request by the Tamil Nadu authorities) and the partial renewal of computers.

The construction of a playground for children of 3 to 5 years old has started, following a demand of the Tamil Nadu Ministry of Education. The playground will be inaugurated end of 2023 with slide, swings and turnstile. The overall funding of these projects for about 58 000 € will be funded by Vellai Tamarai France and the support of French partners ( exemple La Banque de France) or  Indian partners ( ESI in Bengalore).

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FINANCING SOURCES : Vellai Thamarai France

From the origin, the French Association has contributed for the main part of the School financial resources. The French Association has no salaried employee and very low administrative expenses, but it bears certain costs relative to workshops organisation. For the 2022-2023 fiscal year, 88% of receipts were intended to India.

Total receipts amounted to 156 000 € : 60,3% were provided by member fees and donations, 30,1% by workshops (Selvi Sarkar) and 9,3% by events sales and external contributions. These receipts cover the annual needs of the School, and ensure the security for the coming months; they have allowed to engage in essential  much delayed investments.

One of the main sources of financing for Vellai Tamarai France was provided historically by the numerous workshops organised by Ajit and Selvi Sarkar. Since the departure of Ajit Sarkar, this activity has been continued by Selvi Sarkar resting on her dynamism and tremendous courage. One of the main objectives of the Association is to find a relay with the support of hundreds of Yoga and Ayurvedic massage teachers trained by the founding couple. We will develop creative and dynamic initiatives, a number  of events around the publication of Ajit Sarkar’s book, his teaching and his educational pedagogy.

The other main source for the School of Vellai Tamarai is the outstanding support and generosity of members, donators and friends, and volunteers  making the project alive year after year.


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Ajit and Selvi Sarkar’s personal financial commitment allowed the construction of the first beautiful building testifying of a will for great quality.

The French Association, without salaried personnel, has very few expenses : bank charges, office supplies, web site. Collected funds are aimed at India; they cover regular School operating costs, and excesses eventually provide financing for investments.

Sources of funds for Vellai Thamarai France have been  impacted by Covid. However, the generosity of members and donators and everyone’s tenacity and creative implication have ensured a satisfactory level of revenue for 2022-2023 :

• Yoga and Ayurveda workshops run by  Selvi Sarkar in Puducherry and in France brought in a revenue of 47 000 €, around half of previous years.

• Membership fees and donations from Vellai Thamarai friends (over 600) amounted to 93  600 €. This testifies of the very generous faithfulness of all.

• The search for donations and funding form associations, fondations or companies have not been as successful as funds gathered before Covid. Our historical partners are alive and well ! Air France Foundation, Crédit Foncier, Thalès Foundation, Société Générale Bank in India, Harmonie Mutuelle Group, Voxens, Banque de France. And we will invest in other complementary research directions.

• Regional groups have been constituted with dynamic teachers trained by Ajit and Selvi Sarkar, eager to spread their teaching, in particular with Ajit Sarkar’s book; this publication ( about 800 items sold) has received a very positive reception in the universe of Yoga and has generated a valuable source of revenue.

• The activity of workshops led by Selvi Sarkar in France and in India remains high.

• The search of financial and material supports in India is under way in order to allow a relay to the French funding.