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Facts and Figures

The 2021-2022 fiscal year (April 1st ro March 31st) passed for the second time, under the Covid sign. Some classes have been authorized to open from time to time, but with uncertainty regarding the students presence and their number. As a consequence, uniforms have not been renewed, the kitchen remained closed, and students in authorized classes came with their lunchbox. However, as from the start of ne new school year in June 2022, the School would at long last welcome again all classes.

EXPENDITURES: Vellai Thamarai India

Annual school operating expenses show a strong decrease for the second year : variable costs have accounted for only 3% of the total operating costs. Similarly, administrative costs and other support costs have remained at a low level. Therefore, the main element of total operating costs has been the wage bill representing 85% of the budget, as salaries have been maintained, but bonuses reduced.
For the current 2022-2023 year,  all students being back to school, operating costs are expected to return to their historical level of some 120K €. Expenses are well under control and parents have been invited to pay a modest contribution to school costs. As for investments, the immediate project, which has been postponed for a long time, is to arrange the first floor of the kitchen building and to provide it with science laboratory equipment  necessary for secondary classe, and with the library.

Total operation cost 2021 2022


FINANCING SOURCES : Vellai Thamarai France

From the origin, the French Association has contributed for the main part of the School financial resources. The French Association has no salaried employee and very low administrative expenses, but it bears certains costs relative to workshops organisation. For the 21-22 fiscal year, 92% of receipts were aimed at India.

Total receipts amounted to 143 000 € : 42% were provided by member fees and donations, 20% by workshops (Selvi Sarkar) and 2% by events, plus 36% by exceptional donations. Such receipts cover the School requirements for the past year, and this is quite satisfactory. But receipts have been dependent for one third on exceptional revenues, which are extra ordinary by nature, and for 1/5th on workshops provided by Servi Sarkar. We must therefore consider that, if our receipts for the year are globally satisfactory, they are also fragile.

For each of the 3 years preceding Covid, total annual receipts had reached amounts between 150 000 € and 200 000 € with key proceeds from fees, donations and workshops. But for the 2 ”Covid years”, workshops could not be held, and total receipts would have collapsed without the remarkable contribution of Vellai Thamarai’s friends in response to a call for exceptional donations; this generous contribution continued during the last year.

The chart below illustrates the situation : historical receipts for the last 5 years indicate the importance of exceptional donations, as shown on the 2 right hand and column with vertical streaks. For each column, annual receipts per source are stacked for bottom up :
(A = fees and donations, A’ = Exceptional, B = workshops, C = grants, D = events).

income breakdown 2021 2022



For the current year 2022-2023, we believe Vellai Thamarai’s numerous members and friends will continue to demonstrate loyalty an generosity. On the other hand, we will support the creativity and dynamism of divers initiatives, as well as various events around the forthcoming publication of the late Ajit Sarkar’s book, his teaching and pedagogy.

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Ajit and Selvi Sarkar’s personal financial commitment allowed the start of the project and provided for initial investments.

The French Association, without salaried personnel, has very few expenses : bank charges, office supplies, web site. Collected funds are aimed at India; they cover regular School operating costs, and excesses eventually provide financing for investments.

Sources of funds for Vellai Thamarai France have been strongly impacted by Covid for the 2nd year. However, everyone’s tenacity and creative implication have ensured a satisfactory level of revenue :

• Yoga and Ayurveda workshops run by  Selvi Sarkar in Puducherry and in France brought in a revenue of 29 000 €.

• Membership fees and donations from Vellai Thamarai friends (over 600) amounted to 112 000 € , including exceptional donations. This testifies of the very generous faithfulness of all.

• Donations and grants from corporate foundations or NGO’s  hae not been available this year : Covid and its economic consequences have induced general cautiousness. Our historical partners are alive and well ! Air France Foundation, Crédit Foncier, Thalès Foundation, Société Générale Bank in India, Harmonie Mutuelle Group, Voxens, Banque de France. And we will invest other complementary research directions.

The pandemic environment with its economic and social consequences make it difficult to seek for fund sources. And the was on the doorsteps of Europe now increases uncertainty in the general environment. But we maintain our efforts with urgency and determination.