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The Clinic and Healthcare


At Vellai Thamarai School, the Clinic is known to all. The full-time nurse knows all students upon their arrival at School  and monitors their health follow-ups. She takes part in   all staff meetings.

As children enter kindergarten, the nurse keeps health records of each child, organises and attends regular medical checkups (ENT, ophthalmology) and vaccinations, administers standard medical care and sends patients to hospital if necessary. She gives avises to teenagers. She is in permanent contact with families, providing them specific dietary and hygienic recommendations.

The direct impact on children is spectacular: whereas in 2008, out of 80 students, 36 were anaemic, today there is none out of 240 students.

The Clinic is open to the children’s parents, and, in fact, to all villagers. They receive advice and get free standard healthcare and follow-up medical care after hospital release. There is a gradual reduction of alcohol dependency.