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Social Project

Since 2006, Vellai Tamarai had a double objective : educational and social.Thus, the success of the educational project of the school, had to be accompanied by the evolution of student’s parents village communities, towards a sustainable futur.

This social aspect of Vellai Thamarai shows directly in choices made by the management of the School, and indirectly in benefits for villagers.

Preferences are given to local recruiting and direct purchases. Health support is provided as well as assistance in situations arising out of natural disasters.

The direct an indirect impacts of these social choices are apparent, 15 years later, in the economic development and the environmental awareness of student’s parents.

The student’s parents villagers open up gradually to certain modernity : bank accounts are opened to receive salaries, with credit cards in the name of both parents, and no longer at the sole discretion of the husband.

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